Offer in Compromise

The Offer in Compromise (OIC) program, in the United States, is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) program which allows qualified individuals with an unpaid tax debt to negotiate a settled amount that is less than the total owed to clear the debt. The program helps to resolve a negative impact on your credit rating, garnishment of your wages, and placing a lien on your home or other property.

Commonly referred to as the “Fresh Start Initiative”, this program is offered to those who are delinquent on federal taxes. The IRS offers this program as a Right to Taxpayers. The course provides an easy-to-use, step-by-step process to walk you through the form(s) and explains all the qualifications and requirements to determine your eligibility. Over forty percent (40%) of qualified taxpayers are successful in reducing their taxes through this program!

The IRS has figured that out and lawmakers decided that the IRS must negotiate for what reality says can be paid. By filing an Offer in Compromise, you are offering to pay less than the full amount of your tax debts to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS, at its discretion, may accept less than full payment of your tax debts if there is doubt as to whether the IRS could ever collect the full amount of tax debt, or if there is doubt as to whether you are actually liable for the tax debt.

Our Do-it-Yourself approach only requires that you have complete financial records, and can perform basic math and literacy functions.