Divorce in Philadelphia County

This course provides a guide but is not a substitute for sound legal advice; particularly when complicated divorce issues exist.  Definition of terms and relevant provisions of Pennsylvania divorce law are included and provide support necessary to file for and complete a divorce without incurring costly attorney’s fees. 

This course can help you if you are:

  1. A pro se litigant (someone acting as his/her own lawyer)
  2. Pursuing a “no-fault” divorce
  3. Wish to file in Philadelphia County and  you or your spouse has lived in Pennsylvania for the last six months
  4. Cannot afford a lawyer

To assist you in determining “complicated divorce issues,” here are some examples:

  • Dividing up marital property (assets and debts); Marital property includes a house, cars, bank accounts, furniture, pension, stocks and bonds, debts, etc., as well as any increase in value of property that either of you owned before the marriage.
  • Involving alimony.  Should you be seeking support from your spouse after divorce is final. divorced.
  • Must meet the requirements for a no-fault divorce
  • You don’t know how to find your spouse
  • Your spouse is in the armed forces and is not willing to consent.
  • You are married through a common law marriage and your spouse disputes that the marriage was consummated

The course is presented in 2 parts:

Part I: Covers “mutual consent” divorce. Forms required are for a no-fault divorce by mutual consent and gives the directions for filling them out. Completed sample forms are provided which can be utilized as a guide for your ease of use.

Part II: Covers the “two-year separation” divorce. It discusses the forms you need to file for a no-fault divorce based on a two-year (or more) separation.